JG Pressure Washing LLC

About us

At JG Pressure Washing we believe cleanliness is key to a relaxed and comfortable environment. Thats why we are committed to thoroughly cleaning every detail and aspect to the outside of your home. This includes driveways, decks, windows, vinyl, and much more. Give us a call today for a free estimate and 50% off of your first wash!

Pressure washing service available from: 7am–6pm, Monday through Saturday

Phone: [445-230-5929]

Email: [JakeG@jgxtremeclean.com]

Products used: We use Dewalt based tools and machinery and our cleaning solution is an eco-friendly mix. Ingredients vary according to surface needs.

We take precaution on every house and surface we clean. We take necessary steps and procedures before and after to ensure a safe and effective cleaning. We are Licensed and insured and have been locally operating out of Far northeast Philadelphia since 2020.